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    3DSPlaza's Logo

    3DSPlaza is a Nintendo 3DS fan website created in 2011 by a then 16 year old that goes by the alias "Robdeprop" while online. The website contains extremely outdated Nintendo news and content, as well as shitty JavaScript games you can play on the 3DS internet browser. The moment a member registers, he, she, or it, will be sacrificing the loss of his/her/its cyber virginity, after which the member will uncontrollably jam their 3DS stylus countless time in their tiny dick hole.

    Robdeprop and SomeLuigi

    Robdeprop and SomeLuigi are the administrator and co-administrator of 3DSPlaza respectively, and are responsible for the absurd amount of pedophiles who have preyed on children thanks to the website.

    Robdeprop's first notable website was Home4DSi, which he created when he was 14 years old. Afterwards, when he was 16, he started to create and released 3DSPlaza. SomeLuigi, who's real name is Olivier because apparently "Oliver" was too normal of a name for this special boy, eventually joined 3DSPlaza and got promoted to admin after sucking Robdeprop's Robcock and licking his sphincter.

    Robdeprop has been known to rage and take down the website when things don't go his way. He is also the lead developer of Project Triniate.

    SomeLuigi has been known for adding meaningless diarrhea to the website, pissing people off, breaking promises, and cyber fucking prostitutes and men in his private chatroom/rape box.


    3DSPlaza's community has had many changes from now, since it's debut in 2011.


    A 3DSPlaza user
    What your typical 3DSPlaza selfie looks like.

    In 2011, the community mostly consisted of autistic, small children, aged around 9 - 15. Of course, when a website has this many children, cock-sucking pedophiles looking to prey on them will come and join too, and 3DSPlaza is no exception.

    Because the young user-base and the fact they could sneak onto the website using their 3DS without their parents knowing, 3DSPlaza was usually each of the user's first social networking website, and with that comes new experiences, such as online dating and cyber fucking every damn user you talk to. With all this hot, steamy, online sex going around, nudes and selfies were sure to arise; they did. Since the website's users mostly went there on their 3DS handhelds, it's only natural they would take pictures with them too, despite the shit-awful camera quality. The pictures were astonishingly pixelated and blurry, and were sent to other users through 3DSPlaza's PM (Personal Message) system. Although, it should be noted that the word "personal" only goes so far on 3DSPlaza. Robdeprop and SomeLuigi, the administrator and co-administrator of the website, were able to see these messages, and would frequently look at the 0.3 megapixel pictures of their users fapping in the mirror while rupturing their faces with duckfaces, all while they jacked themselves off to oblivion.


    In 2012, the community of 3DSPlaza stayed very much the same as it did in 2011. However, there was a slight decrease in online dating, as Robdeprop finally made a website rule against it, banning users who did so. As said, this only slightly decreased the dating scene on 3DSPlaza, because the users tended to break the rules anyway, usually not getting banned.

    Around this time, the forums became more significant than they were in the last year, which led to the spawning of two very different communities: The chatroom community, and the forum community.

    The community also underwent it's infamous 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' obsession during this year, thanks to one of their pedophilic members and future moderator, DrunkenTomb.


    In 2013, online dating decreased dramatically, though there was still that occasional kid or pedophile who wanted that sticky, virtual pussy.

    It was in this year when 3DSPlaza got it's first Community Manager, a shithead faggot named MegaBeanish. MegaBeanish promoted an unbelievable amount of fucktard kids to be moderators, and proved that admins should be the only ones who are in charge of the staff. He was later demoted from his position and replaced with a new Community Manager, Junaid.

    2013 was the year the rivalry went underway between the chat and forum users. There is no real reason for this rivalry, other than "you don't like the part of the website I like", and shows what a bunch of immature autists the users of 3DSPlaza are.


    In 2014, the community got yet another community manager, thanks to the admins having fecal matter for their brains, and not being able to make reasonable decisions when it comes to the website staff. The community manager this time around, was SackThing101, who was later found out to be an autistic, homeschooled, 12 year old boy who likes taking his mom's dick in the ass, only a year later, which really came as no surprise to the community. The users of 3DSPlaza responded negatively to SackThing101's promotion, and he is still considered to be the worst community manager to ever grace 3DSPlaza to this day.

    It was in this year that the forum community of 3DSPlaza discovered the face anus of the internet, 4chan. They started acting like they were 4chan users, because according to the forum community, it's cool to be slimy, gluttonous, rapist prostitutes who give rimjobs in the bathrooms at Burger King. With this came the invention of the term "chatfag", a word used to describe someone who partakes in activity in the chatrooms. It can be seen as the 4chan equivalent of "redditfag". Basically, the forum community became a bunch of kids trying to be edgy by being assholes to each other.

    2014 is also the year bronies, who were/are actually pedophiles, started to have a prominent placement in the community, to the point you couldn't use the website without seeing a pony avatar/profile picture. The sickfuckery didn't stop there though. Bronies eventually created threads dedicated to sharing their loathsome and repulsive My Little Pony porn. Whenever the moderators and staff would remove one of their threads or images, they would flip the fuck out and cause massive drama all over the community. Because of this, many of the well known users began to distance themselves from the website, and eventually would find fucking lives instead of fondling their rectums with the 3DS stylus.


    In 2015, the 4th community manager, SackThing101, was demoted from his position due to all the users rightfully whining like babies about him. Immediately after his demotion, Robdeprop, promoted two community managers, a SJW feminist with the username KomeradeKishy, and a mentally defective nigger with the username DrakeJericho, who also happens to be the co-adminstrator of Home4DSi, sister site of 3DSPlaza.

    It wasn't long until DrakeJericho caused monumental community drama, just like all the other dickhead community managers. A user who was previously a moderator, little5, soon leaked screenshots of DrakeJericho cyber fucking an ugly weeaboo girl. He of course bribed her to do it by saying he'd make her a mod if she let him penetrate her vagina with his big black dick, and ejaculate his niggertry uppity suckfuckness inside her. When KomeradeKishy found out about this, she was ashamed to be co-workers with such a vulgar and disgusting ape, and ultimately quit 3DSPlaza because of it.

    Much later in the year, a user named Lani became the 7th community manager.

    It should be recognized that activity on the website declined even further.


    Lani continued to be community manager throughout most of the year.

    Staff and Moderators

    Excluding administrators, there are 9 different staff positions on 3DSPlaza, 7 of which are moderator based.

    Staff Position The Petty Little Job They Do
    Chat Mods These are the worthless piece of excrement moderators that are in the chatroom 24/7. They make sure no one says a no-no word in the chats. If you don't obey every little thing they say, they will take a ban hammer so far up your ass, it will hurt every time you turn on your iMac or your PC with OS X installed on it.
    Forum Mods They are in charge of removing all of the bronies' porn in the forums, of course right after fapping to it.
    Picture Gallery Mods These sick fuckers enjoy looking at all the ugly, duckface, acne ridden selfies everyone takes and posts to the picture gallery.
    Profile Mods They're supposed to make sure everything is clean on the profiles, but all the pissfucks really do is excrete their rancid diarrhea all over the profiles of users they hate.
    3DS Draw Mods They sit all day fapping in the shitty 3DS Draw game no one uses.
    Links Mods They manage the links/advertisement section on the site, but most of the time they just suck the puny cocks and eat the higher ranking moderators putrid scat.
    Jolly Jokes Mod They write shitty "yo mama" jokes all day.
    Newsposters They're the ones who post news in the news section of the website. They are to blame for the severely outdated Nintendo news. Additionally, they are also status moderators.
    Community Managers These are the people who promote all the autistic kids to moderators. They never do anything right and just cause drama.

    Clearly, the concept of having only one type of moderator that moderates the entire site was too complicated for Robdeprop's deep fried piss brain, so he decided to split it into 7 positions.

    Website Rules

    The website rules of 3DSPlaza used to be strictly followed by both the users and staff, but overtime became weak due to the users growing up and becoming rebellious. It has gotten to the point that the entire community, including the admins, don't give a shit about them, except for the emotionless, hollow, autistic mods who pretend they do, but in reality, they just like using their power over others on the internet.

    3DSPlaza's Online Dating Stance

    3DSPlaza's stance when it comes to online dating is always uncertain because the administrators can't make up their fucking minds. In the beginning of the website's lifetime, online dating was allowed, but due to mass outbreaks of pedophiles joining, cyber fucking, and the website essentially becoming a Match.com for the 3DS, a rule was bestowed forbidding it. This doesn't mean, however, that the users stopped screwing and sending nudes in PMs (Personal Messages).

    It wasn't until 2013 when SomeLuigi, the co-administrator of 3DSPlaza, pulled a bullshit rule out of his swollen, herpes inflamed asshole, stating that online dating is allowed as long as you do it when roleplaying. Immediately after introducing his new last-minute rule, he was seen online dating small girls in the roleplay chatroom.


    Originally, 3DSPlaza started off with a single chatroom that was named Chatroom Original. The white users complained about being in the same chatroom as niggers; eventually the website got two more chatrooms, Chatroom Red, and Chatroom Yellow. More chatrooms were added overtime, and as of 2015, the website has 8 public chat rooms and a moderator chatroom all the staff secretly screw each other in. Multiple secret chatrooms have been added as well, such as 'Chad's Gamer Hideaway', and SomeLuigi's private chatroom where he cyber fucks the many prostitutes of 3DSPlaza, such as PokeCat and Lani, as well as countless men.

    Chatrooms Original, Yellow, Red, Green, and Purple

    These are the five main chatrooms of 3DSPlaza. Standard chatting and countless childish arguments are done in them.

    Chatroom Game

    The majority of the 3DSPlaza community hates gaming, which comes as a surprise since they're on a Nintendo 3DS fan website and own 3DSs. Of course, there are a few semi-sane users who talk about normal things like gaming, rather than arguing about 3DSPlaza politics and talking about how badass and rebellious they are for posting on /b/. The community got sick of these gamers, and pestered Robdeprop to make a chatroom to contain them.

    Roleplayer Chat

    Obviously enough, this is the chatroom you go in if you want to roleplay dating with pedophiles. Generally, the members who use this chat are just on the verge of suicide because they are rejected by every other chatroom, but they try hiding it by pretending to be someone else.


    This chatroom was added by SomeLuigi in 2014, and like most of his added features, the community doesn't give a shit about it. You can read about Robot9000 here.

    Moderator Chat

    The staff discuss their insignificant and meaningless topics here, as well as cyber fuck the brains out of each other.


    The forums were added to 3DSPlaza by Robdeprop on August 21st, 2011. The forums can be described as mediocre, bland, and overall lacking of features. As of 2015, there are 36 different forum sections, 20 of which are sub-forums. Out of all of these, only six of the forums are even remotely used.

    The forums really began to pick up on activity in 2012, which spawned two separate communities in 3DSPlaza: the chat community and the forum community. The forum community contrives of cuntholes, faggots, bronies, and pieces of dickless meat.


    The Miscellaneous forum is by far the most active board due to it attracting autists, 3DSPlaza's main demographic. It has over 12500 threads, while 'This Plaza', the forum's second most active board, only has a little over 1500. The forum is plagued with brain defective wetbacks trying to turn it into 4chan.

    Miscellaneous consists of shitty generals that never die such as:

    • The Chat Thread - This is where all the weeaboos talk about how "hot" their loli is, all while they touch they play with their prepubescent dicks.
    • The Brony Thread - The Brony Thread is where the horsefucking faggot 12 year olds go. It's a containment thread.
    • The Cute/Hot SFW MLP Pony Thread - The horsefuckers' excuse for making a second My Little Pony thread.
    • Cute/Hot SFW Spousos Thread - The weeaboos' equivalent to The Cute/Hot SFW MLP Pony Thread.

    Outdated Meme Problems

    The forum community has a notable problem when it comes to using memes: they're incredibly outdated. Shrek and Doge were huge catch-ons in 2014, and Shrek is still continuing on strongly in 2015.

    Carlos The Tyrant

    The infamous My Little Pony picture that caused nuclear spam on the forums

    carlos11, a forum moderator, is an autistic Mexican, border hopping, hoglike, mother fucking, cock sucking, son of an incestuous, pedophile, shemale rapist. He is the overall dictator of the forums because all the other forum mods are a bunch of wetback pussies and don't stop him.

    His tyranny of the forums started in late 2014, after the horsefucker and nigger forum mods were demoted by SackThing101 while he was community manager. SackThing101, having a pissmuffin for a brain, thought the forums had enough moderators, when in reality it was just carlos11. By the time KomeradeKishy and that nigger DrakeJericho were promoted to community managers and made more forum mods, carlos11 was already too high up on the tyranny pyramid.

    Brony Drama

    The horsefuckers of 3DSPlaza are always causing drama over posting their disgusting, shitty, pony porn. Whenever carlos11 removes one of their images, they gang up on the cock-sucker and try to rape the forums with spam threads.

    The bronies also believe they are doing it for the good of the website, and will protest by setting their profile pictures as pixelated, blurry, 50x50 jpgs of horse dicks and other gay shit their parents would disown them for if they knew about it.


    Cyber fucking

    Cyber fucking is 3DSPlaza's earliest trend. Every poor person that has the misfortune of joining the website will do it at least once. It usually involves the users taking amazingly bad quality nudes taken with the 3DS camera and sending them in PMs (Personal Messages).

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    In 2012, a 24 year old pedophile that went by the username DrunkenTomb, started pestering other people to play Smash Bros. with him. The community would often tell him to fuck off and let them keep cybering. After enough harassment, DrunkenTomb was able to get people to play his shitty Nintendo party game with him. The community ended up responding well to the game, and they would often rub their tiny dicks with the game case.

    Robdeprop's butthurt fury (AKA: The Fresh Start)

    At some point around 2011 of November, Robdeprop entered into one of the chatrooms and saw the community creating mass drama, pedophilic users giving younglings cyber blowjobs, and worst of all, people making fun of him. Rather than handling the situation like a normal fucking person would, by banning the users breaking rules, he through a fit of rage and took the entire website offline. It wasn't until days later when Robdeprop calmed his titties and decided to put the website back online. He made an announcement saying he took the website off because the community needed a "Fresh Start" on their behavior; the community agreed just to make him shut the fuck up, but went back to their usual gruesome behavior only seconds later after he went offline.

    Later in 2013, Robdeprop's dick sucking assistant, SomeLuigi, issued another "Fresh Start" on the website and took it offline for a few days, however this Fresh Start was more for the website having outdated stuff, not the community misbehaving. When the website was put back online, multiple things were added such as a new inbred, retarded, pedantic little fart knocker community manager named Matt, a completely useless and broken reputation system that would give users stars if they decided to be good, the strike system so mods would stop banning people for no reason, and a new chat bot called BobBot, Matt's personal companion.

    No more updates

    It was in early 2014 when Robdeprop and SomeLuigi left the shit community to fend for themselves. After a crash 3DSPlaza had in late 2013, SomeLuigi brought the website back up, but left tons of broken features without fixing them because he was too busy fingering his asshole. Robdeprop simply did nothing about this, and the website hasn't had an update since.

    SomeLuigi's "Updates"

    SomeLuigi likes to pretend he's helpful. He also likes to try and get the community to shut the fuck up about updates, and it's hard to blame him.

    SomeLuigi will every once and awhile release mule excrement level updates, such as milking the cow, a new icon, a roleplaying forum, and of course more private rape chatrooms for him to capture his victims in.

    Plaza Tools

    Plaza Tools was a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension that added multiple features to 3DSPlaza. It was created by user MarioErmando, a gay furfag who claims he does it for the good of the community, but in reality, he's doing it so he can get his miniscule, deformed dick sucked by the users of the website. In one month, he added more useful and community accepted features than that pisscake SomeLuigi did in four fucking years, which shows how much of an attention whore he is.

    4chan's Influence on the 3DSPlaza Community

    In 2014 the forum community of 3DSPlaza discovered the face anus of the internet, 4chan. They started acting like they were 4chan users, because according to the forum community, it's cool to be slimy, gluttonous, rapist prostitutes who give rimjobs in the bathrooms at Burger King. With this came the invention of the term "chatfag", a word used to describe someone who partakes in activity in the chatrooms. It can be seen as the 4chan equivalent of "redditfag". Additionally, there are also other fag-terms used, such as "forumfag", "ponyfag", and "newfag".

    The community also adopted "greentexting" from 4chan, and like a bunch of fucking faggots, use it to painful extents, again... because it's "cool". 4chan's dickhole attitude was adopted as well, so in the end you have a bunch of autistic 12 year old kids being cunts to each other and fighting over whether or not they actually use 4chan.

    When 3DSPlaza actually uses 4chan

    File:Cl3m visits 4chan.png
    They're so bad, everyone just assumes they're trolling.

    4chan Based Projects

    Of course it was only time before the community decided to pull their styluses out of their dick holes and start copying 4chan based projects.

    3DSPlaza Thread Simulator

    A horsehumping, attention whore, fit throwing fetishist that goes by the username "mega" created two fecal matter tier videos ripping off the popular "Pony Thread Simulator" series based on 4chan's /mlp/ board.

    3DSPlaza Sings

    The forum community of 3DSPlaza has attempted creating "3DSPlaza Sings" videos many times, and have utterly failed:

    All hail Sharkii, the queen of /b/

    It was one day in November 2014 when a 14 year old female, cock sucking whore, who went by the username of Sharkii, decided to post her nudes on /b/. She was hailed by fat, slimy neckbeards as queen of /b/ for a day, all while they jacked themselves off to her newly viral photos.

    The 3DSPlaza community later found out only minutes later, and decided to be assholes and tell the pedophilic, gluttonous rapists of /b/ her information. Sharkii got doxed, so she wiped herself off the internet (at least wiped off what she could) before committing suicide by plastic bag.

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