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360 Kid

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He's showing you online.
The source in full. Ave Maria!

The 360 kid (a.k.a., the Ecksbawks Kid) is another meme spurting forth from the blubbery confines of /v/, originating from a sales flyer that advertised the Xbox 360 along with a picture of a retarded teenage boy with braces, sharing his two cents on the awesome power that is the 360.

The great thing about the 360 isn't beating the games, it's showing everyone online that I did.


—360 kid

Of course, it wouldn't take long for the /v/irgins and /b/tards to take advantage of the Ecksbawks kid by plastering his oblivious expression onto anyone and anything capable of lulz. Because of this, any Xbox related thread you come across on 4chan will definitely feature the 360 kid.

Relevant JewTube Video

The great thing about a gallery isn't making endless versions of an old meme, it's showing everyone online that we did

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