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    FoundationMarch 15, 2008 - July 7th 2008
    Major Boards/b/, /chan/,/kipz/,/raid/
    Epic Winsrefuge from 711chan,
    partyvan wiki reference ability,
    no modfaggotry
    Website315chan.org baleeted

    315chan used to be an alternative to 711chan and Mudkipchan, containing a mixture of hopped up juvenile delinquents looking for kicks, people lieking a certain blue Pokemon and of course newfags, but sadly no longer exists. 315chan claimed to be a haven from modfaggotry and promised to be fair on all matters of chan life (e.g. bans, who gets mod, etc). It was named after the PROJECT CHANOLOGY/IDES OF MARCH raids against Scientology.

    Posts on /kipz/ board


    One of the main reasons 315chan was formed was to create a space where Chanology in all its beautiful forms and flavors could flourish, a place where raidfags and moralfags could coexist without the whole place descending into infighting and other high school shit like that.

    Modfaggotry and retards BAWWWING at 711chan was making it impossible to get anything done, as you never knew on opening the /xenu/ board when you would suddenly encounter fields of guro as far as the eye could see, or find the board itself deleted, or have idiots arguing about stupid procedural details all day and night.

    711chan used to be kind of a win place but its general attitude to Chanology has always been somewhat ambivalent and shifting. In contrast, 315chan had the Eye of the Tiger and was fully confirmed for brawl. 315chan nevar gave up until enturbulation took up the flag, ensuring that the pallid corpse of "Church" of Scientology Inc. will rot in a cold, dank, hellish, non-tax-exempt blue asbestos cesspool of confusing and unfamiliar and impenetrable bureaucracies, and David Miscavige and Tom Cruise will have both bought curtains, a phone recorder, and a dog.

    315chan's staff were all fairly active (all 300 of them) and could often be found on IRC, which could be found on the partyvan IRC network (irc.partyvan.us) in #315chan.


    As of 7/7/08 315chan closed down, citing his distaste with the state of Chanology as a raid. Promising /kipz/ will be rehosted, denvetta explained that 315chan had finished with its purpose of keeping Chanology alive on the chans, acknowledging silently that the it was now the property of those moralfags at Enturbulation.

    List of Memes

    1. 315chan only has one meme
    2. There are only 5 of us
    3. We're all scilons
    4. Fuck you denvetta!
    5. /kipz/ is awesome

    List of Boards

    • General
      • /b/ - Random
      • /zoom/ - Cars move fast
      • /kipz/ - General mudkipz discussion
      • /r/ - Requests
      • /n3rd/ - General fatass discussion
      • /fm/ - Partyvan FM
    • THE WAR PIRATES VS NINJAS (This is is stupid because /kipz/ owns both)
      • /yarr/ - Pirates
      • /ninja/ - Ninjas
    • Prawnography
      • /h/ - Hentai
      • /s/ - Women
    • Chanology
      • /news/ - News
      • /chan/ - Chanology and Protest Plans
      • /docs/ - Doctors, lulz
      • /ppgd/ - Propaganda
      • /raid/ - Direct Action
      • /digg/ - Digg Brigade
    • Others
      • There is also a secret board, which you can only gain access to after you beat the Final Boss of the Internets.


    • First Wave

    Some BAWWWWfagging skiddies with a botnet DDoSd the 315chan server, causing it to go down. Later it was back up.

    • Second Wave

    The Partyvan wiki was down, and as 315chan is on the same server, it was also down. Later they were both back up.

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