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2021 AD is the current year and the second year of the disastrous roaring 20s. In March of this year, Encyclopedia Dramatica was restored after an extended absence, and a cheer went up from many lulz enthusiasts. Interestingly, the previous sentence is almost identical to the one written in 2020, and so we do wonder how long the current ED renaissance is going to last before the management gets v&/hakt/niggered or decides to sell ED to Alibaba for 6 gorillion shekels.

In the IRL world, 2021 began with announcements that someone had finally created an effective vaccine for COVID, and that, in 'Murica, (((they))) had decided to remove the God Emperor of Mankind from his rightful throne and replace him with a fairly lively Alzheimers Patient who makes Hillary Clinton look healthy, sane and staunchly conservative.

The year continued the 2020 trend of never-ending COVID related faggotry. There begins an escalation of the new Cold War between those good people who want the country that unleashed the Coronavirus and didn't tell anyone to be held somewhat accountable and those good people who aren't taking moral lessons from a country that bombs primary schools to lower the price of oil. Meanwhile, woke people continue to eat each other alive trying to assert their fantastical virtuousness, all while convincing terrified politicians to defund police departments, resulting in a massive turbo-boost to nigger-on-nigger murders. Happy days!

The current summary of notable yearly events follows thusly. Some of these events happened last thursday, before the 2021 rebirth of ED. They deserve articles!


It’s DaBiden!


  • Coup d'etat in Burma
  • Bird Flu infects humans in Яussia, which under the circumstances could result in the biggest lulz in a century.








  • 20 years since Jews blew up the twin towers





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