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Template:2000s 2002 was the year of the Black Horse. Lots of lulz happened this year as it's even; even years are always more interesting then odd ones. Don't let 2001 fool you, nothing interesting happened that year.


  • We all switched to eating apples, because Ellen Feiss said so.
  • Processors jump a whopping 133mhz between January 2002 & December 2002.
  • We all sat around the internets and got interactive a Danga.
  • Virtual dress up dolls became the new Loli craze.
  • Square banged Disney, Giving birth to Kingdom Hearts.
  • America starts entirely going to shit after the chimp W completes his first year in office.
  • The last Austin Powers movie comes out.
  • R Kelly pees on a 14 year old girl
  • Robert Steinhäuser goes for the high score; 16 noobs get pwned in the most tactical school shooting yet!
  • The Beltway Snipers went on a killing Spree in the D.C. Metropolitan Area.
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