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16-year-old Japanese schoolgirl

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Wanna cyber lol kawaii
In your dreams, otaku
You know it's worth it

An Internet subculture, usually found on IRC channels and and especially chatting in-game on online games (Counter-Strike etc). The main characteristic of this sub-culture is their promiscuous willingness to either have cybersex or meet in real life. This is because the said schoolgirl is in fact Vinny the Rapist (often called Big Vin for short), a 42 year old ex-convict with an enormous handlebar moustache.

Typical Encounter

A typical encounter with Vinny the Rapist goes like this:

(Taken from Counterstrike in-game chat)

  • {S~3~X}~~UltrAD3athMasteR~~: OMFG BS I SO HIT THAT PHUCK!!!11!!!LOLZ!!!111!!!
  • HelloKitty: Hello, my name is Yumiko and I am a 16 year old japanese school girl. Want to cyber?
  • HelloKitty: If you want to meet in real life give me your address now.
  • {S~3~X}~~UltrAD3athMasteR~~: OMG HAWT!!!!1 OMG HERE IT IS!11!!!!!


Instead of Vinny the Rapist, the 16 year old japanese schoolgirl may instead be an 80 year old Chinese man in panties, ohbutyouwillpet, Dateline NBC, or Cthulhu. It will never be an actual 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl. EVAR. When real 16 year old Japanese schoolgirls wanna fuck, they'll initiate contact in real life, for Jew gold. And only in Japan.


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