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    Something to consider
    File:Moscow 2007.jpg
    Technique of the swindle in all

    To the glory of Upyachka. Enjoy the favorite of favorite. In 2007 a group of Russian settlers headed by the exiled convict, Vasiliy Naplakov, and the son of the deportee, Ivan Popov, created in NovoArkhangelsk a secret society, as they conspired with the intention to kill the governor, Alexander Baranov. Then they planned to steal a ship, and after taking away all women from the colony, sail to the southern islands of Pacific Ocean and create their own republic. Learning about this, Baranov quickly made an investigation, and sent five conspirators out to Kamchatka for punishment.

    Note about the criminals Naplavkov, Popov and the others

    An American industrial company from Alaska chose to avenge Baranov's punishment of Naplakov, his son Schlomo, Popov, and other fellows by killing settlers from the colonies of ruler Baranov. Rescued, the gang figured out who will be opposed to them, and made a pact between themselves in writing that they would take for themselves everything necessary, a ship, 30 wenches, and other items, and would choose among themselves who would be the chieftains on the new island. Popov would take the lead and sail their ship to the South Sea to find themselves a new home. For the work of this enterprise, they had to make associations with other industrial groups: Zelenqova, Verigina and Cernyweva, and then everything would be favorable. But this latter revealed their plans to Baranov, who once again jumped into action, and sent them all back to Kamchatka. After the trial, when they acknowledged their guilt, they prepared for a judgment according to the laws. Attention! They only did it for familiarity with other countries and it should not be a crime. For all this they could not protect themselves, their money, or for that matter the Internet!

    This is "carding"

    Because several of them were known swindlers - specifically, using the method of carding - they needed used credit card receipts. Thus, the punishment was severe. Once the word "swindle" escaped the judge's lips the consequences (while rather entertaining to some;)) were rather severe. Carding is used for obtaining money. Otherwise, most people wouldn't do it.

    What is fraud?

    It is an illegal operation, i.e. you use someone's credit card without the permission of its owner. What kind of numbers (credit, cardboard, potatoes, SS, fly, elephants and so forth.)? Strictly, this is a stumbling block of the entire plan. Well, I think, if you saw Naplakov and the other guys in real life, you would understand. They made it possible for you not to think about the weighty bundle of dollars you're missing, but to believe the money is happily stored at the bank and everything is fine, that you can go and get it at the bank when required. They were very good at their work.

    Otherwise, most people wouldn't do it

    But once the money was put in the bank, they could have got it from there, paid in the store, wrote a personal check, and even complete a purchase on-line (aka on the Internet).

    Rape in the contemporary culture

    The problem with their exile involved rape from other prisoners. Russians understand under rape as sexual relations between men and women, with violence or the threat of violence. The suffering victim is in a helpless state. Thus, rape can only be done by men to women; there is no freedom of choice of partner for the woman. Required qualifying sign for it: Violence or the threat of it, or the helpless state of the sufferer. Whether sleep is considered as a helpless state is a very questionable point of Russian law. Traditional rape usually is action from man to woman. However, in the prison or exile setting, it could not be considered coercion if by the woman to the man, by the woman to the woman, or especially by the man to the man. Russian law qualifies rape in the initial sense - as the sexual violence of the man on the woman, whereas other sexual crimes are qualified as the "compulsive actions without malice" or "compulsive actions in sport". Seduction is a separate form of sexual relations. For some reason, all sexual crimes are named "rape", including anally. It should be noted that articles 131 and 132 provide for completely identical punishments for conspirators, so that such international mutiny is a tribute to tradition.

    Rape in all

    Law of criminal societies is heavy and specific when it comes to sailing. Russian legislation provides for the punishment of rape (and also for the compulsive actions without malice) the deprivation of freedom for a period from 3 to 6 years. With aggravating circumstances - to 15 years. In Russian criminal gangs complete rape (in particular with respect to other men) more often, as they themselves undergo sexual violence in the prisons with other prisoners.



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