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ВИD (eng. VID, Weed, Взгляд И Dругие (Vision and others)) - is a creepy Russian meme.

"VID" is broadcasting company, famous by his frightening infernal titlescreen. It is based by Andrey Razbash and Vlad Listyev (deceased). In 1990-2007 mind-raping Russian kids by dreadful logo and epic programs; destroys a brain and until now, the main destroyer all still remains - Leonid Yakubovich, program "Field of miracles" - russian analogue of the Wheel of Fortune.

Origins of ВИD

Logo has been created on the basis of ancient Chinese philosopher Guo Xiang' sculpture. Some people thinking that scary face it's a Boris Yeltsin, ex-Russian president.

<video type="youtube" id="RT22uXUI-vg" position="right" frame="true" /> Originally, title has consisted of the following: white (color of gray snow) background appears, at the left side of screen appears black line (springboard), and moves to right, vibrating. Vibration is accompanied by a sound, like a jackhammer, or old movie projector. Then, at the left appears a small gray sphere, that jumps on the line to end and falls downwards. Falling, it changes size to dot and explodes, then appearing flash circles , explosion accompanied by five chordes, sounds creepy, like a fatality theme from Mortal Kombat. After this screen instantly fades and from the dark appears VID's face.. Below appears gold inscription "ВИD" and shining.

Reasons of memetic

Now actually about memetic. Imagine - you're just a child who wants to watch TV. And here you sit, enjoy sitting on a comfortable sofa. Nothing worries you ... And then, SUDDENLY, on the screen, with loud terrifying sounds, appears a fucking scary face of and looks at you. How would you feel at this moment? Having seen this mask, children were terribly frightened, cried, hid himself under a pillow or escaped from a room. This logo traumatized mind the majority of Russian children. The fear before ВИD remained with some till now. The stone face pursues them in nightmares. On a site (Russian analogue of facebook), exists group of people which were afraid this mask in the childhood, or are afraid till now. In it 24000 persons at present consist. On the Internet, particularly on youtube, you can find a lot of parodies on the original titlescreen. A meme is popular mainly among people who were born in the 90s and knew the horror when displaying the logo on TV.

The real facts

The main person of a broadcasting company of ViD - Vlad Listyev, long thought that to it to use as a logo. His wife worked in an east museum - she has prompted to Vlad to use for a logo the ceramic sculpture representing a head of the ancient Chinese philosopher by name of Guo Xiang. But workers of a museum have forbidden to use it as the sculpture was a death symbol. In ancient China there was an execution - people were beheaded and instead of the chopped off head similar sculptures laid down. To take with itself, and furthermore to show it on the TV was very bad idea. Then a mask have decided to recreate by means of graphic editors. The original mask, despite the deadly properties attributed to it, didn't look frightening. But that that has turned out at designers wasn't similar to the original. It was deathly pale color and was similar to a corpse. Not clearly, than Vlad thought but the turned out ugliness began to appear on country screens every day. In structure with psychodelic visual making and creepy music, it was to force enough shit bricks the whole people. After five years Vlad Listyev has been killed by the unknown person. People from a museum in which Vlad's wife worked, consider that in his death the ill-fated mask is guilty.

Another Versions

One of the parodies represented animated logo. ВИD suddenly opened eyes and showed the tongue. When kids unexpectedly see it, they shit bricks a lot.

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