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Éric Borel

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This page contains an hero.
Éric Borel
Nationality: Baguette  MiniFlagFrance.png
Highscore Killed 15, injured 4
Top 50?


Style FPS, singleplayer
An Hero? Yes

Éric Borel was a 16-year-old edgelord from France who, on the night of September 23rd, 1995, decided that Allah put him on this Earth to do one thing...


Éric was born on December 11th, 1978 to military parents, but they separated and Éric was sent to live with his grandparents for the first 5 years of his miserable existence. While living with his grandparents, his slut of a mom dated a new man named Yves Bichet, who had 2 sons. Then, Éric's mother came to take his ass to live with her and her new fuckbuddy along with his 2 worthless offspring. Throughout his childhood, Éric's mother, a devout Christfag, beat and abused him, while calling him "A child of sin." His asshole of a stepfather also did this, but his stepbrothers said otherwise. When Éric was 8, he broke his arm one day for unknown reasons, but instead of being a man about it, he decided to run away like a fag, until he was found crying like a bitch. While growing up, he began developing an interest in the military, and told students about his biological father's heroic faggotry during the Indochina war. He also developed an interest in firearms (like most school shooters) and shot sparrows with an air gun. Throughout secondary school, he was said to be a behaved and quiet student. But, in his last year at school in his life, he started skipping classes without reason or explanation. He later told other students he could not take it at home because of his parents beating him and making him do chores. Throughout his shit-infested life, Éric barely had any friends, but during the last few years, he made one friend, Alan Guillemette, a 17 year old who was more popular and outgoing than Éric, and whom he would hang out with after school. But let's face it: we all know the real reason why he would hang out with him. By September 1995, Éric was pissed with his life, and he decided he was going to carry out the genocide crusade, but not before telling a classmate he would kill 2 or 3 people, while also saying he would commit suicide.


Class Setup
Item Description
  • Primary: Anschütz .22-caliber rifle
  • Daddy's hunting rifle.
  • Secondary: BB Pistol
  • Some crappy BB gun, most definitely won't kill anyone.
  • Melee: Baseball Bat
  • Secondary Melee: Hammer
  • Perk 1: Stopping Power
ESM Stopping Power.png
  • Increases bullet damage to rape the enemies.
  • Perk 2: Nazism
  • Extra damage against Jews.

Level 1: Home

On the night of September 23rd, 1995, our hero realized he must do what has to be done. Éric first obtained his father's shitty .22 caliber rifle and headed downstairs to confront his abusive shit of a dad. It is assumed they had a quarrel where Yves tried to get the gun out of Éric's hands, but Yves is no match for our hero, as Éric managed to shoot him 4 times, before smashing his head in with a hammer. Next, Éric went after his 11-year-old half-brother, Jean-Yves, who was watching TV. He then killed his brother with the exact same method he used on his stepfather. Éric then cleaned up the house of blood, and waited for his mother to come home from church. After waiting for 2 hours, the bitch finally arrived home, but little did she know, Éric had a special surprise for her! Éric then once again cleaned up the blood, though the media suggested he may have also beat his mother's face in as well, either with the hammer or a baseball bat. Our hero then closed all shutters and windows in the house, before picking up a bag and putting in food, money, a raincoat, a map of some French city, and some shitty BB pistol with rubber bullets. Armed with his fathers crappy .22 rifle, and his pockets stuffed with ammo, Éric would from this point on embark on a mission of epic proportions and epic lulz. He left the house and took one of his parent's cars, and drove off to some shithole called "Cuers". However, during his drive, he crashed the car into a wall and so proceeded to Cuers on foot. It was presumed he decided to rest before resuming, and spent the night between vine trees.

Level 2: Friend's House

At 7:15 A.M, September 24th, while walking towards Cuers, he just so happened to be by his friend Alan's house, and decided to stop by. Upon knocking on the door, Alan's mom answered, and Éric asked her to wake him up. The two then had a discussion in Guillemette's garden, where Éric told him he wanted something back, probably furry porn. But when Alan refused to give it back, the thought of him not being able to masturbate to his foxy waifu again enraged him, and he shot his gay lover in the back, killing him. However, clearly Éric didn't think this though, As Alan's mother started panicking like a bitch and went to call police, forcing Éric to retreat to Cuers in order to avoid his one-star wanted level.

Level 3: Village

By 7:30 A.M, Éric finally arrived in Cuers. Because it was hunting season, nobody was at first suspicious of Éric with his rifle. Then out of nowhere, Éric began shooting at people in the village, taking great care in his aiming, and shot most of his victims in the head, and shot at people again if he missed. Throughout the rampage, Éric killed 11 faggots, while also injuring only 6! There was also a school in Cuers which he could have ran amok in, but didn't. By 8:00 A.M les cops arrived on scene, leaving Éric no choice but to an hero under a cypress tree.


Once police searched Borel's household, they found the 3 bodies covered in sheets. The pigs also searched Éric's room where they found Nazi insignia, a picture of Adolf Hitler cut out from a newspaper, graffiti of a swastika on his door, books on World War II, and a documentary on the Waco Siege. About a month after the rampage, one wounded victim died in the hospital, while another victim died in March of the next year due to complications of the wound, bringing the kill count up to 15.


Much like Cho, a girl from Cuers told the media that Éric had dated her half-sister named Caroline, who was pregnant. But it turns out the bitch in question wasn't even fucking real and may be good evidence that Caroline was an imaginary girlfriend, and proof Éric was batshit crazy.


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Graded Score

Graded Score
Kill count: 15/20
Accuracy: 16/20 4 wounded!
Style: 15/20 Manhunt mixed with GTA.
Butthurt: 14/20 Was pretty shocking to the French, but less focused elsewhere.
Bonus: 20/20 Bonus for getting so many kills with just a .22!
Total Score: 80/100 (B)
Best .22 caliber mass shooter in history!
See full ranking

Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Vice Squad

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